In Partnership with In advance of the fourth annual Modern Affluence Summit hosted in London, the Modern Affluence team working in partnership with The Future Laboratory alongside VGC Partners to explore the hype to look at what this shift really means in terms of modern affluent behaviours and the insights driving them. Over the next […]

Bain & Co
Luxury Update

Yesterday Bain & Company released its Luxury 2022 Spring Update – “Rerouting the Future.” They predict that luxury sales are set to grow by between 5% and 15% this year and that the global luxury market accelerated sharply in early 2022 but risks slowing due to macroeconomic pressures (supply chain, energy prices and the conflict […]

Spotlight on Gaming

This 2022 Spotlight on Gaming is a quick but comprehensive dive into an important category and in this post we have picked out some of the key trends. Mobile is now the primary driver of growth for digital games. Consumption and is increasingly becoming the world’s preferred form of gaming, and therefore crucial to any […]

Responsible Business

Rathbones published their first ‘responsible business report’, their stated aim – to “provide an overview of progress to deliver real change; in areas that will positively impact our stakeholders, as we continue to think, act and invest responsibly”. Rathbones provides individual investment and wealth management services for private clients, charities, trustees, and professional partners. The entire […]

Individuals, brands and networks

Adoreum and Future Laboratory joined to explore “The Chemistry of Connection : Creating Positive and Impactful Value from Network Communities”.  The paper’s author, Martin Raymond, Futurist, Journalist and Co-Founder of The Future Laboratory. The paper does double duty. Naturally it addresses the importance of human connection from an individual networking perspective – Adoreum’s CEO Marcus Watson must […]

Positive Luxury
Trends Prediction

Those of you who attended our Modern Affluence Summit (hyperlink to summit page) last September will recall the contribution of Positive Luxury CEO, Diana Verde Nieto. In this post we summarise her ‘2022 Predictions Report – This Is Not A Drill”. We have outlined her key themes and takeaway which we found both compelling and actionable. It is worth your […]

The Real Real
Luxury Consignment

The RealReal 2022 “Luxury Consignment Report” based on a year-on-year comparison of January – November 2021 with 2020. It is worth heading over to access the full report. Admittedly the data is all from their platform users but they are the largest online marketplace for authenticated, consigned luxury goods which makes their insights useful. Across […]